Beginnings Act 4: The Grand Restoration

After Eden, Adam and Eve and the rest of us had an entirely new life (or lack thereof). Instead of living as part of a vast fellowship with God and one another, we would be restricted to limited lives of independence and pride. Any joy or contentment we could muster up would have to come from ourselves. And the worst part is that it would all lead to death.

The sin that consumed us that day could only breed destruction and therefore it was (and still is) completely powerless to maintain life.  Therefore, its shattering consequences could not continue forever…For life to continue, sin would have to be put to death.

And so it has been for Adam and Eve and for us as their descendants. Being swallowed up and entangled in sin, we would be carried with it to death.

But fortunately for us, Love would not let us go.

Though sin had been condemned to destruction, our Creator came into the world to
“BE SIN FOR US.” (2 Cor 5:21) When all was told, He instead would die.


Crayon & pencil drawing by Sr. Grace Remington OCSO. Copyright 2005, Sisters of the Mississippi Abbey

The mystery begins

After fallen humanity had crumbled under centuries of despair, a virgin teenager gave birth to the Son of God Himself. Hope had finally arrived. The vast, mighty Creator of all things had chosen to break into the world He had made and walk with the ones He had created.

And live with us He did: He went through the awkward teenage years. He ate meals. He got a job. He rode on donkeys. He paid taxes. He went fishing.

However, there was one thing that made Him different from all of us as He walked through the grind of daily life: The glorious, perfect relationship He had with His Father in Eternity had remained unchanged. Unlike the rest of us, He never once chose to walk away and become independent. His Father filled Him at all times, fueling every one of His thoughts and actions.

And while He was with us, He reminded us every day of where we came from. He told us that it is a place of glory, satisfaction, joy, and love….that there is nothing we need there because our Father supplies it all. And He also reminded us that it is a place where we do not give a thought to ourselves, but that honoring one another is a way of life that brings constant refreshment.

And every day He chose to honor us, even though He was higher than all.

As He spoke to us, He revealed the mystery of the Father, Son and Spirit constantly honoring One Another. He explained that none of them are looking for their own glory…Each of Them seeks to serve and take the low place so the Others will be lifted up! (John 6:38, 7:18, 8:54, 16:13-14)

Being accustomed to a life of sacrifice, love, and joy, Jesus assumed the lowest place of all when He was here with us. He was born in a barn. He washed our feet like the household servant. He ate with tax collectors. He spent time with prostitutes.

He went to all possible lengths to lift us up and bring us to glory. (Hebrews 2:10)

Then after surrendering Himself in every possible way, He bent down to meet us in the depths of where we had fallen: DEATH. On that ominous day, He joined us for a moment in the separation we had chosen and became sin, which had no place in God or in His glorious world.

The same hands which threw the planets into orbit surrendered to nails. And He who knew no sin took on all the wrath and destruction needed for it to be destroyed.

Sin was forever done for. We were now free to return home.

And even though He had passed through death, the One who brought forth all of Creation was so rich in love that He could never be destroyed. So He emerged from it unscathed….and brought all of us with Him.

After that day, the work was finished and the grand vision on the Lord’s heart was made a reality: A glorious fellowship which included not only Father, Son, and Spirit, but also a united family of sons and daughters made in the likeness of their God.

“You who were once far away have now been brought near.” Eph 2:13

And so the Kingdom and family life of God has come to earth and the VERY LIFE OF JESUS NOW LIVES IN US WHO BELIEVE! (Gal 2:20) United with Christ, we’ve been fully accepted by God as His sons and daughters. (Luke 17:21) This kingdom ushers in all of the freedom and glory of its King, Jesus Christ.  We no longer have to “try” to do good, but instead Jesus inwardly fills us just as His Father fills Him, fueling our thoughts and actions when we choose to abide in Him.  And one day we will feast with Him in the heavenly places as His Bride, the wife of the Lamb (Rev 21:9)

In the meantime, “All of creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.” Rom 8:19

As we His redeemed ones move on to explore Creation, we must first understand our Creator.

And it’s here in His story that He reveals Himself: Mighty and lowly, rich in love, full of wisdom, motivated by joy, and determined and gentle in His pursuit. Behold, THIS is the Maker of All Things.


Credit: Flickr user sergioesse


  2 comments for “Beginnings Act 4: The Grand Restoration

  1. Bonnie
    January 23, 2015 at 1:01 pm

    I remember when I didn’t understand the whole concept of why God had even placed that tree in the garden in the first place. . . . It seemed kind of mean to me lol. It really changed my thought process when you explained to me that God had put it there because He “wanted us to want Him.” That has always stuck with me how much God WANTS us and how powerful that kind of love is. We should feel privileged and just WANT after Him without rest. We should not be able to resist Him.

    • Joelle
      January 23, 2015 at 2:10 pm

      That is a great way of thinking about it….I totally agree!

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