Ode to a Fern

Below is a guest post from a good friend and brother in the Lord, Thomas Forston.  He is an author at 3rdrace.org and has recently started a blog for all of us single folks called SingleandSacred.

Also, on a side note, if you haven’t checked out Monday’s post, there were some excellent illustrators involved in creating it, so it is worth a look 🙂


…..Back to Thomas:

The depth of our Lord is amazing to me.  There is so much to Him that we could spend a whole lifetime just learning about one aspect of Him and still have miles to go.


Ferns unfurling in the spring

Cinnamon Ferns unfurling in the spring

Consider the fern.  I don’t know much about ferns, but a simple wikipedia search revealed that there are over 12,000 different species alone.  Thats not just actual plants: thats how many varieties there are!  If there was a way we could find out how many ferns actually exist on the planet, it would likely be in the millions.

Every one of those plants reflects him in some way, as he is the source of all aspects of creation (see Colossians 1:16)


Given the magnitude of this, seeking The Lord could easily become a mountainously overwhelming task.  However, He in His mercy has made it incredibly simple.  Ironically, we have to do the very same thing that a fern does: abide.  In abiding, we will naturally take in the nutrients in the spiritual soil around us.  This means from  believers in our lives as well as from the indwelling Lord himself.

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