On Wilderness Scenes

One of my favorite things about being out in the wilderness is feeling small.

Physically speaking, feeling small isn’t something I get to experience often. I can generally see over the shoulders of the person in front of me just fine and people often ask me to reach the spices on the top shelf.

But somehow when walking out into a valley strewn with tundra flowers and flanked by four massive mountain peaks, I suddenly become a tiny speck.

It looks like the Lord has placed us in such a massive, endless creation to remind us that what we were created to be a part of is MUCH much bigger than ourselves. In a previous post, I described it as the Family of God. The scriptures also describe it as the House of God and the Heavenly City.

That bigger something is GLORIOUS and is capable of making our jaws drop the same way the mountain peaks and lightning-filled plains can. However, to be a part of it, we must assume a life of being small.

“He must become greater. I must become less.” –John 3:30


Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

In the heavenly city and the house of God each of us is a small, precious living stone (1 Peter 2:5). These stones are blindingly beautiful. In fact, the gold stones forming the streets of the city is so pure and solid that it is completely transparent. And when all of these brilliantly beautiful stones are formed and fitted together, the LORD HIMSELF COMES IN AND DWELLS THERE.

He will settle for no less of a house.

Unfortunately, becoming small hasn’t come naturally to us since the time of Genesis 3. Adam and Eve and their descendants preferred not to be small, solid stones of great worth. They instead sought to be giant boulders with all the glory and attention for themselves. However, the view of Heavenly City wouldn’t be nearly as glorious if one or two large boulders blocked everything else from sight.

So when Jesus came, He reversed this mindset. He came as the One who was higher than any, but chose to become small. This is because since before time began, He had the Heavenly City in mind.


Yellowstone National Park, WY

He knew that when we were fitted together, the result would be a city more glorious than anything eyes have seen.

The same is true in that valley surrounded by mountain peaks. When we look down, each tiny insect and flower is brilliant and intricate in design. Each rock and tree that forms the jagged peaks is also beautiful in its own right…But when you step back and take in the whole scene, it is a site to behold.

It is a scene that has been masterfully molded together by the cooperation of many small things.

I am glad that Jesus came and showed us how to stop trying to become large boulders. Even if we are only small specks in the mountain-flanked fireweed valley, it seems we are most beautiful when standing there a part of the scene.

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  2 comments for “On Wilderness Scenes

  1. Bonnie
    February 18, 2015 at 7:21 pm

    Big boulders we try! Welcome to America folks!

  2. Nick
    January 29, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    Amen! Another aspect of that “wilderness feeling” is being powerless to control your surroundings. You would think that it would feel constricting, but on the contrary, I rarely feel so liberated!

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